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I'm not even a fan of My little pony, and your art has impressed me vastly.

I REALLY like your style
Im not on tumblr, but can I ask a question for Discorderly?
SuperGex2 Jun 7, 2012
christmonkeys. i hate when awesome artists have more than, like, 2 pages so I can't fave everything in a reasonable amount of time. here, have a watch 'n' llama combo.
The picture that was uploaded to Equestria Daily is pretty cool. But who's the blueish horned guy in the center of the picture? I keep thinking he could be Discord's dad >_<
Uh, where on EQ? Because I never submitted anything.

And that's Grogar, old G1 villain.
Really? I saw it in Drawfriend #415
Yours is in slot 40. Congrats, I guess ^^

And thanks!
BB-K May 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Equestria Daily shows you have a pic of some of the badass villains from G1 & G4, is it ready for upload? Grogar is my favorite villain of the entire MLP series (G1 &G4 altogether)
Are you going to post the full version of all the male MLP villains playing poker, and the Grogar revision?
CapriciousJinx Feb 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist

You draw joker so sexy! GO JOKER! *starts dancing retarded*
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